Business as usual

Group exhibition curated by Deborah Dean

Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham 18 July – 4 Aug 2007

"Gallery closed for installation" is an all too depressing sign for the viewer who has made the journey without first checking the exhibition listings. Left only with the option of peering through the window to try to catch a glimpse of what might be coming next, the weary visitor is more likely to see marks left by the previous show and an untidy disarray of ladders, tools, paint cans and packaging. Business as Usual turns this disappointment around: the gallery might be closed for re-display but it is also open for viewing. Work featured has the illusion of being the stuff of preparation, the marks and objects usually disguised or tidied away before the exhibition opening night - but closer inspection reveals them to be the beautifully crafted main event.

Taking place during the space between exhibitions when the gallery is usually closed for re-hanging, this show plays with viewers perceptions and with the margins between gallery space/back of house, and between art object/non-art object. The show uses the window, foyer and staircase, as well as a previously "hidden" store at the top of the gallery’s main stairs.

Artists include Susan Collis, Sean Edwards and David Ersser.