Through the Surface

Through the Surface, Collaborating Textile Artists from Britain and Japan.

Anglo-Japanese Mentoring Exchange Project and touring exhibition directed by Lesley Millar, Professor of Textile Culture, UCA:

  • James Hockey and Foyer Galleries, University College of the Arts, Farnham, 27 Jan – 20 March 2004

  • Hove Museum and Art Gallery, 31 Jan – 21 March 20044

  • The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Art, Norwich, 6 April – 16 May 2004

  • Bankfield Museum, Huddersfield, and Piece Hall, Halifax, 26 June – 30 Aug 2004

  • Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery, 26 Sept – 21 Nov 2004

  • The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto, 22 April 2005 – 29 May 2005

Through the Surface: Collaborating Textile Artists from Britain and Japan is an Anglo Japanese mentoring exchange project which explores points of difference and similarity within the cultures of Japan and Britain and involves collaboration between textile artists who are at different stages of career development. Documentation of the project can be found here.

A 106 full colour publication accompanied the project and included my own self authored essay Material Trace-Marking Time and Defining Space. Reflective journal entries which document the working partnership with Kyoko Nitta and the development of the work over an eight month period can be found here:

Through the Surface