‘Transformations’: component configuration 12712-IP331BT

Smiths Row Gallery, Bury St Edmunds, 12 July – 1 Sept 2012, curated by Rosie Grieve

Transformations was part of the celebrations marking Smiths Row 40th anniversary and showcased the work of a number of leading UK artists that the gallery has supported throughout its history. The aim of the exhibition was to highlight the significance of venues such as Smiths Row in providing a platform for artists in the early stages of their careers before they often go on to exhibit at higher profile national venues and international galleries. The artists included in the exhibition were also selected because of the way that their work explores seeming contradictions to transform objects or meanings.

Artists include: Catherine Bertola, Susan Collis, Ben Coode-Adams, Roger Hiorns, Haroon Mizra, Freddie Robins, Caroline Wright.